Tuesday 20 November 2018 5:22 PM UTC

This is not a gambling website; BetBreakingNews.com is an information site that tracks relationships between news and legal betting markets. All live data displaying on BetBreakingNews.com is sourced from betting companies operating legally within the jurisdictions they’re licensed.

BBN Services

BBN Bet Tracking Board

Enables BetBreakingNews.com visitors to search event titles in world news, politics and entertainment and quickly know what betting companies and prediction markets are offering wagering options on their titles of interest. The BBN Bet Tracking Boards are updated daily.

BBN Rank

The BBN Rank listings are updated daily and feature the betting companies & prediction markets that are offering the most betting options for world events, politics and entertainment. The way BBN Ranks betting companies is rooted in the number of live bets offered by the world’s best betting companies measured, and reported, in real-time by BetBrakingNews.com. All of the bookmakers, sportsbooks and betting companies within the BBN ranking system are licensed and legally operating betting companies in respected jurisdictions and countries.

BBN Directory

The BetBreakingNews.com Directory includes betting companies and prediction markets from all corners of the globe that offer the most betting options in the arenas of world events, politics and entertainment.  Betting companies and prediction markets listed in the BBN Directory are operating legally within the jurisdiction they are licensed to do business.