Tuesday 20 November 2018 6:04 PM UTC

This is not a gambling website; BetBreakingNews.com is an information site that tracks relationships between news and legal betting markets. All live data displaying on BetBreakingNews.com is sourced from betting companies operating legally within the jurisdictions they’re licensed.

Mission Statement & Business Principles


To provide a unique informative perspective on world events in the realm of news, politics and entertainment to a global audience.

Business Principles:

  • Investigate and report on correlative relationships between how the general public can collectively predict the outcomes of important societal events, via the act of betting, more accurately than professional experts focused on the same outcomes.
  • Source all data from governmentally regulated companies offering betting services to the public within the jurisdictions they’re licensed to offer wagering services.
  • Obtain all of the data we publish from multiple unrelated markets governed by jurisdictions located in different parts of the world to achieve an aggregate of non-corrupt information.
  • Maintain a position of non-engagement in relationship to any debates about whether individuals should gamble or be allowed to gamble.